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We are privileged to work with a small number of Scottish handknitters and family-owned workshops, who we return to season after season. Based in the heart of the Scottish Borders, an area renowned for its exceptionally soft water that imbues its qualities into the yarn, the knitwear lovingly crafted for Bamford combines traditional hand linking and finishing, with our contemporary shapes.


Bamford has collaborated with highly skilled artisans in Italy since the first collection. Specialists in a number of categories, from woven separates and outerwear to lambskin and super-fine gauge knits, each brings a unique knowledge and imparts an unparalleled expertise to our designs.


Handwoven in Nepal, our iconic gauze scarves are created from the finest undyed cashmere yarns.  With no two pieces being identical, we celebrate the variations and gentle imperfections of each scarf.

Local vegetable dyes are used to infuse occasional highlight colours, based on a traditional heirloom technique that has been used for generations.


Carole Bamford has a unique relationship with India, since she first travelled there twenty years ago.  Her appreciation of age-old traditional Indian crafts extends across embroidery, hand weaving and block printing, all of which are reflected in Bamford’s collections.

We work directly with Indian artisans to create our fine handwoven khadi cloths and delicate handsewn Jali seams, while bespoke block print designs are used to breathe colour through the collections.

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