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Sculpt with Lynsey McDonald

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Sculpt is a unique body toning discipline. A full body workout, Sculpt works around your body focusing on problem areas. Using a range of pulses, lifts and static holds, Sculpt works deep into individual muscle groups toning, tightening and strengthening them. The exercises involve the relaxation of every part of the body apart from the area being sculpted. This allows all your energy to flow to those muscles and by letting that area become heavy – like a weight – your own body effectively tones and strengthens itself. At Sculpt we stretch your muscles after each exercise when they are warm and pliable; improving flexibility and making your body feel lengthened and relaxed. Focused and intense, Sculpt will not only transform your body; it will change the way you view exercise forever.


Lyndsey has been teaching callanetics for 10 years. A former gymnast and county level runner, Lyndsey began experiencing debilitating back and joint pain in her early teens. A few years later, a friend suggested callanetics due the non-impact nature of the exercises. Immediately she was hooked; her pains disappeared enabling her to run again, her muscles lengthened and she dropped two dresses in a very short period of time. After having all three of her children, callenetics helped Lyndsey regain her figure in less than six weeks.

To book this class, please email lynsey@cotswoldcallanetics.com £15 / 60min. Purchase 5 for 6 classes. 

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